Relationships On 8th Street.


I don’t understand relationships now-a-days. I was married for 65 years before my wife passed away last summer. I’m 84, I used to be a journalist, now I’m a great grandfather.

You see this newspaper? It’s filled with violence. Crime on neighborhoods, men killing women who leave them, women killing children because men leave them. I buy this newspaper everyday to remind me of the love I had that I’ll never read about. 65 years, and here people don’t last more than a week.

Times have changed, and not for the better. I lived in better times, the music was different, food was different. People were different. Love, love was different. I don’t like this time.

Monday’s Eye Candy – DJ Mikey Bo!

Mikey Bo _

I love twitter!  It has given me the chance to reconnect with long lost friends, make new ones and indulge my heart into what I need most of, music.  If you know me, or have been following my blog then you understand I have a thing for DJ’s.  I can’t get enough of them, there are plenty of times that when I go out, you won’t find me looking to see who’s there, no… I head straight for the DJ’s booth.  While others are standing at the bar drinking themselves stupid, and or waking around looking for their next victim to bore with bad dancing antics, and slobby entrepreneur tactics, I am by the DJ all night long absorbing the beats. Which bring me to my new crush…DJ Mikey Bo. I have been following his twitter feeds on facebook, and the man his hilarious.  He needs to come party it up in Miami soon, but until then enjoy his Monday Eye Candy spot.


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