Music For The Soul- Tobias Foerster!

Meet Tobias, a 27 year old beautiful man from Malmoe, Sweden, and also a very dear, and personal friend of mine. I came across Tobias last year on JMMA Group, and the rest has been HIS-story.

Tobias took to music from a very young age playing with a local band by the name of “Supernatural”, who later changed their name to “Siren” when signed to Warner Music in 2003. Their single “In A Vision” made it to the swedish charts, but the band decided to part ways after a 10 year run.

He took some time off from making music to work on personal growth, but something inside Tobias aimed him towards music again in 2010, this time as a solo act. In 2011, he wrote a song, inspired by a heartfelt story of a dear friend of ours, who has lost one child to cancer, and is right now fighting everyday for her other daughter’s life. This song ‘Even Angels Cry’ was intended only for our dear friend, but then that was shared, and then others began to take notice, and they to share it with others, and by the time we all turned around, the song was released to a local Swedish radio stations, taking it to the top of the music charts.
Tobias will be dropping the album to ‘Even Angels Cry’ later this year, but in the meantime go like him on facebook!