Monday’s Eye Candy- Adam Levine

Let’s talk about this man for a minute.  He has the most poetic looking face and body of all times.  The way he moves across the stage, the way he turns to grab the microphone, the way he touches it slightly between his lips and sings any song known to man is priceless.  No one can pull an Alicia Keys song better then Keys herself until Adam came taking her lovely melody right from underneath her.  I had to take this moment and totally dedicate today to Levine because he is truly beautiful in every sense of the word, with awholelotofsexy.  From his hair, to his perfect nose, to the beard on his cheek, to the big fat toe on his foot this man is HOT!  I can spend all day talking about his eyes… and his lips, his hands, the way he moves, and now the fully covered tattooed arm he is sporting around, but I wont.  I will simply leave you with ALL of this, Enjoy!

Umm, Yes please!

 Adam Levine enlisted the hands of girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna for his Everyman ad campaign.

Little note…if you wish to turn off the sound and watch that woman beat the crap out of this man, be my guest!  Love HIM!

Mark your Calendars Mr. Levine will be on a new show on NBC this spring called, The VOICE.