Walking for the Cure- Susan G Komen- Miami!

Brickell SE 2 ave Fire Station

Brickell SE 2 ave Fire Station

The first time I attended the Susan G Komen walk was in 2009, in memory of my friend mother who passed away from breast cancer early that year, and also in memory of a nurse I had who took care of my children until she too feel ill in 2008. Since then this walk has been for me like breathing. Full of emotions and encouragement for every mile a reminder of those fighting to live, and for those being thought of every step of the way. Like every year since I started I have made it a point to make it to the finish line, and when I am done I turn to witness the line dedicated to the survivors. Since 2009 the line has become wider, more survivors are making it the finishing line alongside those who are walking for the cure, for the same cause that is helping them make it to another beautiful walk.

With that said I have decided to start my own team, and dedicated it to all women out there.  If you are interested in joining me next year, like me on facebook, and follow me on twitter for updates.  I would appreciate those who are serious to please leave me your email address in the comment box below so that I could further advise when the time comes, also I’ll be doing team shirts.

Now here’s where it becomes fun. There are some clever people with wonderful shirts every year; I need to come up with something sassy that represents women from all walks of life. Moreover I need a team name; WAJIMA will be incorporated somewhere in there, so give me your ideas, and let’s play ball… for we will be walking to save the TATA’s come next Fall together!

Music for the Soul- The Bathroom Girl!

I came across The Bathroom Girl through a buddy of mine that has been following her for some years now on youtube. Turns out that she has covered a lot of the music I’ve listen too, and in fact she’s done a few that are now becoming my personal favorite, listed below are links to some of her material old and new. I hope that you enjoy her style as much as we do, because she is truly a gem.