Fall In Love With Movies, Music and Books This Season.

Fall is finally here and so is my libido, but before I go making ANOTHER mistake, lets focus on all the hot men this fall has to offer.


There’s something about Tom Hardy. Well, there’s everything about Tom Hardy.  I have salivated over this man since the 2002 Deseter. MY goodness, I love a man, who is all caught up in his feelings, don’t you, especially if they look like this?  Make sure you catch him in The Drop, plus if you are a huge Soprano’s fan like me, then you will be just as thrilled to see James Gandolfini one last time.


Dear Sam Smith:

I would have totally pressed play on your album and would have completely had it on loop for the last 15 months, but I am breaking up with you before even downloading your tunes. I just can’t nor do I have the patients for your heartbreak love songs anymore. However, I think you are the cutest thing to come out of this fall season, like ankle fawn booties, and I’m sure there’s plenty of others who could use what you have to offer on your tour, but please don’t think for a second that it’s you, because it’s not, it’s me.

 Sam Heughan

Nothing says cozy like a good book, and nothing says fall like an adaptation of a great book series come to life. Sam Heughan stars in STARZ’s Outlander as Jaime Fraser, so if you are anything like me, and have a thing for hot men then make sure your cable bill is paid on time.

[Music For the Soul] John Mayer!



John Mayer has done it again! Paradise Valley is a reflection of the 70’s, with one man’s journey to inner peace attached to it.

Paradise Valley is Mayer’s sixth studio album, the man dropped TWO, yes two albums in ten months. Shortly after releasing Born and Raised and having a clean bill of health due to two throat surgeries last year, John headed straight into the studio to bring a boy heads into the woods, and returns a man compilation.

If you have already gotten your hands on a copy of Paradise Valley, I want to hear from you. If you haven’t, then what the eefff are you waiting for?

This lyrical genius has delivered yet another soulful album for your listening pleasure, filed with tons of whimsical melodic tunes your summer stars have been waiting for, with an air reminding us of some of the greats in music.

For those of you who have been following John’s career then you know it’s been a long time since we have had his music grace over our summer nights. If you don’t believe me then head to itunes and take a listen for yourself. Mayer is on tour as we speak so make sure you get your tickets on time. Welcome back John, we’ve missed you! See you on the 8th, my dude.

Special Edition: David Garrett is The Devil’s Violinist!


Oh David Garrett you are the king of my dreams and soon everyone will be able to admire the handsome God like Adonis on the big screen. This past August the shooting for the film “The Devil’s Violinist” went into production.  Garrett will be playing the lead role of the legendary violinist, Niccolo Paganini. A dream for Garrett, for whom Paganini is not only a musical role model; he was al the first rock star of music. Garrett will be back on the road next April on his German Rock Symphonies tour, don’t miss that.

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Monday’s Eye Candy- Mike Shinoda!


I’ve had an extreme crush on, Chester Bennington for the past 12 years. However, that’s not the reason for this post, today’s edition is strictly dedicated to the mastermind that is, Mike Shinoda. When you hear the name, Linkin Park you automatically hear Nu Metal with alternative rock effused political rap lyrics and melodic symphonies, but the signature pump sound that, Linkin Park is known for comes from the incredible graphic designer, producer and music engineer that is Mike Shinoda.

Saturday night was nothing out of the ordinary for me; romantic comedies, little bit of reading followed by some serious mind numbing television, everything seem pretty much routine until I ended up on the axstv channel,  Welcome to the Civic Tour featuring Linkin park and Incubus. What! What? You heard me Linkin Park and Incubus sharing the same stage and possibly having one of the best concerts of my entire existence. The whole time I was vacantly stuck like a 13 year old right smack in the middle of my bed in total awe, and feeling all kinds of gushy lust for, Shinoda all the while smiling and thinking to myself “You. Are. One. Bad. Ass. Muthafucker! By the end of the show I was electrified.

YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW, everyone should, it will change your life! Next stop Vegas, baby!




Hermoso, precioso Mike Shinoda
Mike Shinoda's artwork (Linkin Park)

Jason Mraz Is a Four Letter Word!

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Wednesday night I embarked on a spiritual trip. I drove to West Palm Beach to catch, Jason Mraz on his Tour Is A Four Letter Word, with two of the coolest concert buddies a girl could ever ask for.

We arrived right before sunset; a pink color sky surrounded the Cruzan Amphitheatre. The crowd was beginning to move towards the gates as the opening act said her goodbyes. Hundreds walked around with fodora hats; Mraz’s signature trademark. This concert was exactly what I needed in my life, I left embracing my loneliness, becoming friends with my heart again after a four year battle with it for wanting things I at times didn’t care for.

I have attended countless of concerts, but this one is going down as one of the best concerts of my life. Jason has a sweet way with words when it comes to love, but what touched me most was his tribute to his grandfather, and the songs he wrote after the loss of his friends.

Yes, we all want to be lucky in love, but we also want to be lucky in family, and that’s where I realized that it’s ok to tell someone you love them, whether they return the love or not.

I realized that just because they can’t show it, doesn’t mean you can’t give it. Life is too short to be worrying over someone who can’t express their feelings, that’s their bad, not yours. Moreover, don’t stop showing your love for those who are important, that’s what truly counts at the end of this beautiful thing called life.

“Thanks for the hot show West Palm Beach!”


I had the opportunity to be one of the few who got their hands on GLO’s new EP ‘No One Hears Me’, and I’m very excited to share this little interview with you. I have build a sweet relationship with the Canadian Alternative Rock band, whose music has landed in my iTunes library for the past two years, and counting.

I’m a sucker for lyrics, and I live for all things ballads, ‘Falling into You’ has been on loop on my mac for days, and Glo’s new EP is full of melodic adeptness, and captivating hymns, which sets perfectly well with my ears.

Q: What are your roots?

A: We are all Canadian citizens. However Eddie, and Rick are both of Italian origin, and Patrick’s family come from Ireland.

Q: How did Glow get started?

A: Eddie, and Patrick had already been playing together in a metal band, that had just produced their first CD when their singer up and left. They then took out an ad in the paper to look for a new singer, and held a ton of auditions. Rick was the last audition of the day. When he came into the room he had a bunch of songs that he had written. With other singers we were playing our tunes, and having them jam with us, but with Rick, he came in and showed us what he had. It kind of clicked naturally…It was like we’d known him forever.
Q: How did you decide on the bands name?
A: We’d been kicking around a bunch of names trying to find one that was acceptable to everyone when out of the blue, Rick’s brother, who had just been sitting there listening to us jam, blurted out “How about ‘Glow’?” And we thought, “Yeah, that’s a good name for what we want to do and for what we sound like. We dropped the “w” for aesthetic reasons…Simply put, we all just thought it just looked cooler without the “w”.
Q: How would you describe the Glo?

A: Musically, I’d say we’re a modern alt-rock band. We generally write songs that are accessible to the masses but still have an alternative spin to them.
Q: Who are your main influences?

A: Really the band’s musical influences are quite diverse. We all like different styles of music. For instance Eddie, the guitarist, listens to a lot of metal like Slipknot, Godsmack and Tool. Meanwhile, Patrick, the drummer, also enjoys some metal but leans more towards Dave Matthews, Rush, and drum-oriented rock. Finally, Rick the singer opts for rock/pop bands like All American Rejects as well as bands like Radiohead and Foo Fighters. I think that all these musical influences is what makes Glo so unique.

Q: What’s, ‘No One Hears Me’ about?

A: No One Hears Me, the name of the new album, and the title track from the album, is a song written for today’s youth. It’s about the frustration of not being heard, feeling like you don’t have a voice at school, at home, and in society in general. Hopefully the song will resonate with the youth, and make them feel like they are not alone in feeling this way, and encourage them to find ways to express themselves.

Q: Where would you love to perform and why?

A: Truthfully we’ll play anywhere. Being in studio and creating is great but there’s nothing like getting on stage, and connecting with the public. So while there’s no one specific place we’d like to perform, I can’t think of anything better than playing on a large outdoor stage with thousands of fans on a hot summer day.

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to write a song for, or collaborate with?

A: Of course we would like to collaborate with other established acts we respect but really, we would take the opportunity to collaborate with anyone. Collaborations don’t always work out, but it’s the best way to learn more about songwriting.

Q: What advice would you give to the young musicians of today?

A: Nothing will help your career like writing good songs! So keep writing, and re-writing. Also, try to collaborate with others so you can get an idea of how other people write. The minute you think you got the songwriting thing covered is the minute you stop growing as an artist.

A: F*** censorship.

Q: What’s in the works for Glo in 2012?

A: Our new album ‘No One Hears Me’ is being released on April 20, 2012. After which we will start to tour, and promote the record. We already have a video out fro the first single called, ‘Don’t Believe’. We are also going to tour in support of the record, we already have gigs booked in Eastern Canada, and we will make our way West later in the summer before hitting the US.

A Selfless Act of Journalism…

Jackie Chanel has a big heart, and it shows by donating the profits of ‘Untitled’, to NCIRE. I found Jackie Chanel, 2.5 years ago on twitter, we were among the lucky 4.5 million followers, following the guitar ninja also known as, John Mayer.  After getting to talking beyond 140 characters, both Jackie and I realized we had more than just John Mayer in common, she’s also a writer.  Right after Mayer cancelled his spring tour due to his granuloma this year, which caused for ‘Born and Rise’, (the sixth studio album) to get pushed back last October, Jackie jumped into fan girl mood quick. She needed to do something to show her support, she wanted to do more for the musician, whose music has touched the lives of so many of us. Mayer is a advocate for ‘The Veterans Health Research Institute’, and all of his fans are behind him in supporting this beautiful cause. Won’t you join us in supporting NCIRE as well?

NCIRE – The Veterans Health Research Institute has one mission and one goal: Veterans Health. We are the leading nonprofit research institute in the United States devoted to advancing Veterans health research.

You can find Jackie Chanel’s books by clicking on the links below, and you can also find her on Facebook.


A Hustler’s Promise.

Change of Heart.

Music for the Soul- Avenida Zero!

I had the pleasure of seeing Avenida Zero a few months back at Tobacco Road, and I was completely blown away by the seductive vocals of Lisa Abreu.  Not only was she out of hand with her sultry Latina flow, but her leopard print pants were completely to die for! This local Miami band is paving the way for Pop Latin Rock in South Florida that the movement is breaking necks all the way up to The Warped Tour, Avenida Zero part took in this years lineup and are truly setting the way for many Latin Rock bands in Miami.

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Fall Fashion Must Haves- Steve Madden!

It never fails that every Fall people turn into animals for the latest in fashion must-haves!  Well Steve Madden has made it very easy yet again by giving every woman, the chance to become one sexy leopard with these beautiful WICKED peep toe wedges.  I want them BAD!

These WOAH are just about right, they are perfect for a nice coffee chat, dinner with the girls, or a fab night out on the town.  You can’t go wrong with sequins, even if it is on a peep toe wedge shoe. ;)

Get a view of this princess!  She is absolutely stunning. Nothing says trendy like Steve Madden’s Whisttle Bright Multicolored peep toe wedges.  Look at those eye popping rich colors that are just in time for Autumn, and Fall !

Maroon 5 & train Takeover WPB!

I had all the intentions in the world in going to see Maroon 5 on August 30, 2011 until I realized that they weren’t selling lawn tickets & although I have the ultimate crush on Adam Levine, I wasn’t going to go to war with my wallet for him, so the idea was swiftly erased from my mind, until my friend Veronica send me a text the day before offering me a ticket to what seemed to be the most romantic summer concert of the century.

Train opened up for Maroon 5 setting the tone with ballets like  Calling all Angels, and Merry Me, sounding off Latin drum and Tango dancing while wooing the crowd all the way to the very end.

Maroon 5 started off the set with Moves like Jagger caring whispers into Harder to Breathe, followed by Sunday Morning.  It seemed that the songs were fit purposely into the show based on how much rain we were going to get, little side note, Adam holding the mic stand is like watching a stripper on a pole, freakishly sexy! There is diffidently something about a West Coast talent they ooze confidence, and Adam is 100% confident on stage, well heck he has to be when sporting a really tight red shit and tight black jeans, he looked absolutely delicious, even from a far.

By the middle of the set, it felt as if you were in an on again off again relationship with the man, singing If I Never See your Face Again, Misery, Sweetest GoodBye, The Sun, and Its not over, but by the time he was done swaying the melodies of a broken love affair, he picked up the mood with Never gonna leave this bed… :sigh:  Let’s talk about this, have you seen the video, NO, well here you go!


You make me Shutter was a crowd favorite and I just about fell over when he sang Hands all Over Me, and held me there until he ended the show with She will be Loved.

It was a great night in West Palm Beach.