Monday’s EYE Candy- Alexander Skarsgård!

I don’t know anyone that can rock fangs, have impeccable hair, never break a sweat while blood just pours out of their mouth, and still look mind fucking sexy like True Blood’s very own Alexander Skarsgård, do you? At 6’4 he is the right height to look up to, and get lost in. The man was built absolutely perfect!


Alexander Skarsgard Nude









It’s not TV, it’s HBO


Sometimes the best promos are the naked ones…


So talk is that Vince and the boys will be back for a short season in the summer of 2011.  I hope so because there is nothing like watching Vincent fuck everything up for fame. 


Now since HBO has been HBO there really hasn’t been a show they didn’t premiere that didn’t become a hit, and I  was just wondering since they bought the rights to Sloane Crosley’s book back in 2008, if just by any chance they are making room for her…?  Since we need New York back into our Sunday night programming don’t you think? I believe they should be working on this right about NOW.  I’m just saying.